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KNOCKIT - About us

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We are the KnockIT team, a young team with a lot of experience in what we do. We come from a variety of environments and domains, with experience both as freelancers or in small companies and with corporate experience, coming from big companies with tradition. We put a lot of passion in our work and our previous experience helps us offer to our clients exactly what they need: an objective advice and a quality product that fits their needs.

There are no small projects for us, all the projects are important!

We are aware that the business activity of each client can depend directly on our work, so we treat each project very seriously, without making a difference between the importance of the projects.


As you probably know, the web is constantly expanding and transforming, and we are keeping up with it by constantly learning.

Thus, we use the latest web technologies, frameworks and platforms, which help us deliver top quality products, meeting delivery deadlines.


For us, in our activity, clients are the top priority.

We collaborate with a variety of clients from various fields, both national and international, small or industrial businesses, being able to adapt and offer customized solutions to each client.

We are aware of our responsibility and whenever unexpected situations arise, we offer support even outside the working hours for a good online operation of your business.

As an example of a success story, we had the situation where an online store (Prestashop) had some technical problems just before Black Friday. The whole team was mobilized and worked almost a whole night for the store in order to be 100% functional before starting the massive sales, specific to the event.

The owner of the store was very pleased, thus becoming our loyal customer and stopping the collaboration with another company which had caused the problems.

This is just one example. Throughout the activity, we encountered many situations where fast intervention was needed in order to make things work properly.

Due to the attention we pay to our work, we are proud of the fact that we have not had any dissatisfied clients so far.

If we have your interest, do not hesitate to contact us!